Taco Pizza


A family-favorite meal, this tasty taco pizza recipe is prepared with a crust and basic ingredients. It’s fast and simple too; in just 30 minutes or less, you can cook up this filling dinner!

I’m still on the hunt for simple recipes that my family would love. I enjoy cooking, but I’m busy with kids, and if I’m going to have dinner, it typically has to be fast.

Any time I make Taco Pizza, I can’t be sure who likes it most—the children or my husband; they both gobble it up and call for more! I very like it, too.

With cream cheese and sour cream of “sauce” and a hot taco taste, Mexican taco pizza fits as well as a daily family dinner and is often perfect as an appetizer and for gatherings.

I love recipes that work for a lot of things, don’t you? It’s saving a lot of time and energy!


450 gr.Of ground beef.

4 medium green onions, I chopped them.

3 C.Of shredded cheddar cheese, I often used Mexican blend.

2 medium cans.Of Pillsbury crescent rolls.

A small packet.Of taco seasoning mix.

Refried beans, I used a 16-oz can.

1/2 C.Of chopped tomatoes.

1/4 C.Of sliced black olives.


Step 1:

I set the oven’s temperature at 375 degrees.

Step 2:

I browned the ground beef in the pan and rinse it.

Step 3:

As the directions direct, I added the taco seasoning to the browned beef, and I mixed well.

Step 4:

I put unrolled crescent rolls on a rectangular jelly-roll pan or in a rectangular baking sheet.

Step 5:

I pressed the dough into the bottom and sides of a pie plate. And I baked for about 15 minutes.

Step 6:

I cooked the beans for 1 minute and then I scatter them over the crust. I added the cooked beef mixture on the top and I sprinkle the cheese over it, the tomatoes, the black olives, and the green onion.

Step 7:

I baked for around 5 minutes and of course, I always served it hot.


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