10 surprising yet miraculous uses of onions

10 surprising yet miraculous uses of onions

10 Uses Of Onions That Will Encourage You To Consume This Magical Bulbous Root Vegetable With Every Meal You Eat.

Bad breath and watery eyes are the main causes why most people shy away from onions. Still, there are a number of benefits that will make you forget about the dark side of onions. Several bioflavonoids that are said to be ideal for helping the body rid itself of free radicals, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, strokes and various types of cancer, especially quercetin, are found in onions. In addition, this vegetable produces a lot of vitamin C and fiber.

Onions are more than just nutritious; having this vegetable in your house could make your daily life easier.

1. Insect repellent. Onions will help keep insects away due to their pungent smell. According to WonderHowTo and Living Traditionally, put a bowl of chopped onions where ants or moths hang out to force them to disappear. In addition, to keep insects away from your body, you need to cut an onion and rub it with yourself before going out, it will surely repel others !

2. Bandage for wounds. it is best to place the onion skin on the wound when you have the cut in the sense that it has natural antiseptic properties which help cleanse and stop the bleeding.

3. Ideal natural dye. As this drawing from WonderHow shows, fill a pair of pantyhose with yellow or red onion skins and tie them up. Place the skins in a saucepan or saucepan and cover with water, bring to a boil for about 20 to 30 minutes, then remove the sticky. Colored water can be used to dye fabrics, paper or eggs.

4. Antiemetic. sip 2 tsp onion juice at a time; alternating with 2 tsp of freshly mint tea & leave about 5 minutes between each. Living Tradition says, “Vomiting should stop immediately and nausea should go away within 15 minutes”. forget the pink stuff!

5. Odor neutralizer. foul odors will be absorbed by chopped and partially crushed onions, especially from fresh paint or lacquer. just fill a bowl with chopped onion and a little water, recommends Reader’s Digest, and leave it in the room.

6. Scrubber grill. This advice comes from Care2: Cut an onion in half and place it on your sturdy grill fork, then rub the onion with the rungs until clean and ready to use!

7. Volatile sal. if a person feels a little dizzy but doesn't smell of salt, cut an onion in half and hold it under the dizzy person's nose. As Reader’s Digest notes, this is especially handy if it’s a party or a restaurant.

8. Cutlery polisher. Rub your rusty knife with onion slices several times until it becomes clean and shiny, advises WonderHowTo. or do it as Wat Reader’s Digest suggests: by stabbing the vegetable repeatedly.

9. Natural and painless nail polish remover. Glue a slice of fresh onion to the site of the chips. WonderHowTo suggests leaving the onion overnight to remove the splinter, while Care2 says an hour is enough.

10. Prevent an icy windshield. Rub half an onion on your windshield the night before; Instead, spend the whole morning scraping ice and your windshield will stay frost-free, WonderHowTo demonstrates.

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