Here's what causes ingrown toenails & how to get rid of them at home

Fortunately, there are natural remedies for this problem. Try one of these recipes from ifarasha, and you will notice a clear improvement.

Soak your feet in hot water:

The water you use for this method should be hot enough for you to leave your feet in it for 15-20 minutes, i.e. at least room temperature. Do this procedure at least once a day and stop it when your nail heals. After you have soaked your feet, gently massage the outer area of ​​the finger in order to loosen the nail .. You can add soap or Epsom salt to the water to clean the affected area.

Here's what causes ingrown toenails & how to get rid of them at home

Gauze treatment: This distinctive treatment requires more steps and more attention

1 - Before soaking your feet in water, provide tongs, nail clippers, cotton, scissors and gauze.

2- Soak your feet in the water exactly as in the previous treatment. Soak them in hot water for at least 15-20 minutes. This will help cleanse your ingrown nail and soften your skin.

3- After that, pat your feet with the towel to let it dry. Cut your nail straight. If you cut it in a circular way, you could cause it to seep into the flesh.

4 - Carefully raise your ingrown toenail with sterilized nail clippers and place a small piece of cotton underneath. You must be very attentive and patient and not push too hard. The cotton pad prevents inflammation and irritation. Then they wrapped the finger in gauze.

5- Your feet should breathe. Do not wear any shoes or socks inside the house.

6 - Examine the nail several times a day. You must change the cotton daily and take care of hygiene. Thus, you extract the ingrown nail from the flesh in just two weeks, when the nail grows out.

Tip: To avoid infection, put a slice of lemon on your nail, cover it with gauze, and leave it like this overnight. Lemons contain acids that fight inflammation and protect against inflammation.

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